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MUD in We DNA embodies the deep-rooted connection between Caribbean culture and the tradition of mud mas, celebrating the rhythm of the earth. This celebration of mud is not just an exhilarating, playful event but a profound expression of unity, freedom, and resilience. It harkens back to the days of our ancestors, who used mud as a symbol of rebellion and liberation. By immersing ourselves in this joyous, messy tradition, we honor our heritage and the enduring spirit of the Caribbean people. It signifies that our culture, history, and identity are intrinsic to who we are—literally in our DNA.

"Mud in We DNA" also speaks to the collective experience and shared memories that bind the Caribbean community together. It is a reminder that despite the geographical distances and diverse backgrounds, we are united by a common heritage and a vibrant cultural tapestry. This theme encourages participants to embrace their roots with pride and to celebrate the richness of Caribbean traditions with the next generation. By continuing these customs, we not only preserve our past but also build a stronger, more connected future, ensuring that the legacy of our ancestors lives on through each splash of mud and every beat of the drum. Together, we celebrate the rhythm of the earth, embracing the powerful connections that unite us.



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