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Our Story

DCMUDMAS has been an integral part of DC/Baltimore One Carnival since its inception, and now they're one of the most renowned groups at the festival. With our 27th year approaching, the Mud Band keeps getting bigger and bigger, creating an unstoppable, muddy army.

Our band comprises mainly Caribbean nationals, but we have members from all over the United States and the United Kingdom, making DC Mudmas the biggest and most diverse celebration of its kind in North America.

We all hail from Trinidad and Tobago and have been living in the Washington DC metro area for over three decades. Our tribe of six men and women volunteer their time and resources every year to make "Playing Mud" a thrilling and uninhibited experience.

Our energy is contagious, and the excitement we bring to the festival is unmatched. We can't wait to hit the road and get muddy with you!
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